• Tina Malia at the House of Avalon

  • Praful with Kristian Thorsager

  • Lars Muhl and Githa Ben-David

  • Full view of the music hall

  • Tine Malia in the Avalon Stonecircle

Built for Artistic Expression

Avalonhuset (The House of Avalon) has been built for music and art. The 230 square meter music hall features:

  • A scene with professional light, sound and AV-equipment.
  • Powerful PA system with 4 x QSC K12 1000W speakers and 2 x QSC KW 181 1000W subwoofers
  • A special sound absorbing ceiling that reduces unwanted echoes.
  • A quiet ventilation system that ensures optimal indoor climate
  • A built in sound and video studio to facilitate recording.
  • A rustic and intimate atmosphere with old wooden beams.
  • Café/bar for serving refreshment.
  • Soundcraft digital mixer, high class microphones and a seasoned technician that combine to create amazing sound.

Praised by High-Class Musicians

The House of Avalon has been blessed with concerts by some highly talented artists who made some unforgettable performances. Amongst them are:

  • Tina Malia
  • Praful
  • Kristian Thorsager
  • Lars Muhl and Githa Ben-David
  • Lila Rose
  • Satyadev Barman
  • Mattis Olsson

These seasoned artists have praised the scene highly and told us that it is one of the best concert venues they have experienced.

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